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Your privacy is very important to us, therefore we will never ask for you personal or financial details on out website. We only feature reviews on our site and in case if you want to send a review, then you will have to go to our contact us page where you can find the email address. You then send you written review to that email, we suggest you only send review and your name. We will only post your review, name and location if provided. We will not display you email address with the review that we publish on our site.

Our website also do not use any kind of cookies. But please keep in mind that there are certain advertisers who display ads on our site that might be using cookies. But it should also be kept in mind that we can not access that details. If you want to know what kind of anonymous details they collect, then please send us and email and we will direct you to their contact.

We have also made this site safe for all age groups. We strictly do not allow obscene language on our website and review containing such bad language are removed without notification.


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