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Easy Spirit Romy are ultimate level 1 sneakers which are designed for leisure activities and light walking. These sneakers have very comfortable and soft interior to keep your feet free from stress. They have premium built quality from the long lasting materials to deliver you long lasting wear. The sporty looks makes these shoes very attractive and they can be used everyday. The upper of these shoes is made form the leather which gives great structural strength to the upper and offers durability. The upper has the lace up closure which allows you to customized your fit and get secure fastening. The pull on tab at the back enables you quick and easy on and off wearing. The interior of these shoes is lined with the soft material to keep your feet in ultimate comfort. The lining allows you to wear these shoes for long time and prevents any rashes or blisters which are usually caused by long time wearing without socks. The lining also ensures healthy, fresh and dry wearing by wicking the moisture off your feet. These shoes have very soft insole which has been cushioned to keep your feet in maximum comfort. This insole dissipates the shocks upon each stride and ensures that you feet stay on in comfort and free from stress. This insole can also be removed and you can place you personalized orthotics. The outsole of these shoes is made from the rubber which also offers shocks absorption. This outsole is lightweight and it offers flexibility to allow you natural and smooth walking. The outsole has been designed to ensure grip on different types of wet and dry surfaces for smooth, secure and non-skid walking. These shoes are imported and they weigh just 9 ounces as per size 6.5. You can find this style in these colors: Medium Blue Leather/ White, Light Grey Leather/ White and White Multi Leather.


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Libby from Greensboro, NC

I wore their athletic shoes years ago and they were the most comfortable shoes I ever had. Since then I have tried brands X, Y and Z, but none were as comfy as this brand, so I came back. They fit great and felt great right out of the box. I got a wide width. Plenty of toe room, well cushioned insides around the heel and ankle. The inner sole can be removed for orthotics and it is nicely spongy. I can wear them all day and my feet feel good. I can walk two miles in them and - well, let's just say that shoes can only do so much. Some of the problem is my feet. But these are by far the most comfortable athletic shoes I have ever worn. My 55 year old arthritic feet appreciate them very much. Glad to be back with this brand.

AG from Boston, Massachusetts

I had back surgery that left me with nerve damage in one foot. My toes hurt if they are at all confined. I can't even wear nylons any more. Most of my shoes had to be thrown out, and even most sneakers make my toes feel like they are being smashed together. I tried 3 pairs of Easy Spirits; these were the best. Nothing will ever feel good on my foot again, but I can put these on and do errands and some walking. I can't be barefoot at all any more, so I have a second new pair just for the house. I hope they don't get discontinued, because I'll have a hard time finding something relatively comfortable for me after trying on dozens of pairs in local stores without success.

Sylvia from Texas

I love my new pair of footwear! I was leery about purchasing shoes online because I was afraid they would not fit or be comfortable, I was wrong! The fit is perfect, I need wide width and these are the best fitting shoe I have had in a long time. My chiropractor suggested I needed to get different shoes for my job since my feet and legs and hips were bothering me. she did not make a suggestion but I found these and ordered them and when I saw her today she said they were exactly what I needed. I told her my ankles were a little sore and she said that proved that these were exactly what I needed because they were supporting my arches, and the tenderness would go away in a couple of weeks, and I would have the benefit of arch support. She was right about the feet, leg, and hip pain. those are already feeling better!

Bonnie from Flagstaff, AZ

I had bought this shoe several years ago but at the time I was wearing a size 10, which I discovered was why I was having problems with sore toes. I've been wearing a size 11 wide now. I really liked the design and colors on this shoe but I never could find it in my size. I was so happy to get them but was disappointed in the fact that they weren't as comfortable as I remembered. The first time I wore them to the gym, they killed my feet! There is NO support! I pulled out the insoles and replaced them with good ones and now they are pretty comfortable! There's no way I could wear them as they came. I don't know if Easy Spirit changed anything but they just weren't comfortable at all until I put the new inserts in.


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